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Founded in 1989, Exeter Architectural Products pioneered the use of perforated metal in security barrier products for windows and doors.

Exeter's foundation product, the Crime Shield Window Barrier, was the first product in the industry to incorporate the use of heavy duty perforated metal infill with specially designed and reinforced extruded aluminum framing, hinges, and quick release locking mechanisms.   In 1992, Crime Shield's patented design was awarded a silver medal by the Industrial Design Society of America and Business Week magazine for being one of "The Best New Products in America".   The strong "see thru" barrier with the innovative InvisiPerf(TM) infill design and emergency egress capabilities quickly became the product of choice among colleges, universities, inner-city schools, and housing authorities.

Following the Hurricane Andrew natural disaster in 1992, Exeter launched an effort to design an aesthetically pleasing shutter that could help to protect the residents of hurricane prone areas from the forces of category 4 and 5 storms. The Storm Shield Hurricane Barrier was born as a result of this initiative; this "see thru" hurricane shutter provides customers with protection from the strongest hurricane winds and flying debris while exceeding the requirements of the world's most stringent hurricane simulation tests developed by Miami-Dade County.

In more recent years, Exeter has again raised the bar for window and door protection products with the introduction of Security Shield Barriers (engineered for threat levels up through maximum security) and Versa Shield Barriers and Screen Replacement Panels (designed to enhance security and protection from vandalism in residential, office and light commercial applications).

As a market driven provider of innovative architectural building products, Exeter Architectural Products remains steadfast in it's commitment to quality, continuous improvement of products and processes, and customer satisfaction.

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