Security Shield™ Blast Protection

Protection from today's modern threats.

Security Shield™ window barriers are a viable option for protection from flying glass and debris when mounted to a structure's interior. Independent laboratory bomb blast tests performed in the wake of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 have proven that when installed on a window's interior, Security Shield™ window barriers reduce potentially lethal flying glass to mere shards and dust, thus increasing the odds of surviving such an event.

The world is ever changing. Security has become part of our culture. From terrorism bomb blast to weapon and drug "pass thru" protection, no one scores higher than Exeter Window Barriers.

Now more than ever the word security has taken on a whole new definition. Force protection plans need critical updating. Exeter developed a product that not only resists the awesome strength of nature, but serves as a gauntlet to the criminal element. Governmental agencies recognize the value of protecting not only property but far more itself. This is a comprehensive 24/7 solution to making window entry no longer an option. From essential facility force protection, to the estates of dignitaries and government officials, this is the first step in any anti-terrorism plan. Secure your surroundings. Period.

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Mount Face P
Hazard Level Result
Inset Exterior 4.3 33 5 Screen intact
Inset Interior 4.3 33 3B Heavy dusting, screen intact
Inset Interior 4.5 39.5 3B Heavy dusting, screen intact
Inset Exterior 6.0 60 5 Screen intact
External Interior 6.0 51 3B Screen intact

- Screen on interior face of window effective in preventing large glass fragments but does allow heavy dusting. Film would prevent this from occurring.
- Maximum capacity P=6 psi, I=51 psi-ms.
- Existing design exceeds GSA Category C blast load and hazard level requirement
- With attachment modifications, may reach GSA category D P=10 psi, I=88 psi-ms.

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