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Perforated Metal Provides Architects
with Creative and Functional Solutions
From Architectural Sun Screens incorporated into the design of new buildings in the Sun Belt to Architectural Stair Components enhancing interior building design and function, architects are finding creative ways to use perforated metal in their work. The structural integrity of framed perforated panels allow for exciting design options in sun control, while the environmental benefit of 50% reduction in solar heat gain and partial blockage of UV rays helps to reduce the carbon footprint of a building and lower energy costs. Exeter Architectural Products is excited about their collaboration with some of the finest architectural firms in the country, and looks forward to more success in the Architectural Products arena with the design flexibility of our framed perforated panels.



Security Shield™ Incorporates Commercial Locking Solutions
When government, education, healthcare, corporate or other facilities require keyed access to their Security Shield™ Window Barriers or Security Screen Doors (for maintenance or functional reasons), Exeter Architectural Products is pleased to offer a selection of new commercial locking solutions which can be tied into the facility's existing masterkey system. The locking hardware applications will be custom designed to satisfy the operational requirements of each customer.


High Performance Architectural Finishes
for Security Shield™ and Versa Shield™ Products
The beautiful, weather resistant and high performance finish that is enjoyed by customers with Security Shield™ and Versa Shield™ products is the result of a state-of-the-art powder coating process. Following a 5-step washing process, barrier components are electrostatically sprayed with the powdered mixture of selected pigments and resins. Once coated, components are moved through a curing oven to fuse the powder into a uniform, durable and attractive finish.

Versa Shield™ - a DIY Solution
Responding to requests from architects, homeowners, and small business owners for a cost effective DIY solution to vandalism and glass breakage problems, Exeter Architectural Products has introduced the Versa Shield™ line of window barriers and replacement screens for doors and windows. The Versa Shield™ barriers, offering "virtually transparent protection", will be available for on-line purchase by mid-2009.

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