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Barrier Styles

Security Shield™ Window Barrier Styles

Security Shield™ Window Barriers are manufactured in three (3) basic styles: fixed, operable, and operable with state-of-the-art life safety release mechanisms.

Fixed Style
The fixed style of window barrier provides physical protection from vandalism, airborne debris, and unauthorized intrusion in locations where egress is not required. The permanently attached barriers are also ideal for application at glass sidelites, vision lites in doors, and custom shaped windows.

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Operable Style
In addition to providing the standard Security Shield™ protection features, the operable style of window barrier is hinged to allow egress from the inside of the opening or access from the exterior.   From the inside, egress can be managed with a selection of security pins or spring loaded bolts. From the outside, access to the windows for maintenance purposes can be managed with the addition of cam locks or commercial deadlocks (for master keyed system applications) to the window barriers.
Operable Style with
state-of-the-art Life-Safety Release Mechanism
Where life-safety or local fire codes designate the need for egress through protected window openings, the operable (hinged) style Security Shield™ Window Barriers are equipped with state-of-the-art panic release mechanisms (SEO's) to provide easy egress in an emergency situation. The unique cocking mechanism of the Security Shield™ SEO allows for smooth release of two locking bolts by a simple push of the single point release pad.

Operable Style Barrier with SEO
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