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Versa Shield™ Window Barriers

Versa Shield™
Window Barriers
- "virtually transparent protection" - responding to requests from architects, homeowners, and small business owners for a cost effective DIY solution to vandalism and glass breakage problems, Exeter has introduced the Versa Shield™ line of window barriers and replacement screens for doors and windows.

Versa Shield™ Window Barriers are available as fixed units, hinged units with spring bolt fastening, horizontal sliders or vertical sliders.

With super transparent InvisiPerf I and extra strong InvisiPerf II perforated barrier components, Versa Shield™ barriers provide substantial physical protection yet remain inconspicuous as not to raise awareness or concern.   Versa Shield™ Window Barriers have exceeded ANSI/SMA 6001 test standards for impact protection up to 100 foot pounds.

Versa Shield™ Window Barriers, when used in a window guard application, provide upper floor protection to prevent residents (especially children) from falling out of windows or throwing objects through window openings.   Versa Shield™ Window Guards have been tested to the standards of the City of New York Department of Health "Window Fall Prevention Program".

Visual Comfort and Appearance
With 51% to 63% open area in the Versa Shield™ black barrier membrane (perforated with an InvisiPerf pattern), the barrier seems to visually disappear to a building occupant and presents a clear, unobstructed and comfortable view of the outside world.

From a short distance away on the outside, the Versa Shield™ Window Barrier membrane gives a clear window the appearance of being glazed with tinted glass.

As an aesthetically pleasing security option, Exeter's window barriers have been installed on some of America's most prominent buildings, many of which are on the National Historic Register.

Emergency Egress
Where life-safety or local fire codes designate the need for egress through window openings or a maintenance need exists for operable barrier units, hinged Versa Shield™ Window Barriers are equipped with spring loaded barrel bolts for easy operation.

Environmental Advantages
Independent laboratory testing of Exeter's Versa Shield™ Window Barriers with perforated steel panel infill determined the Shading Coefficient of the installations to be 0.51, affording an almost 50% reduction in solar heat gain through the protected openings, and thereby promoting a significant energy savings for customers.

In addition, the perforated metal deflects much of the sun's damaging ultra violet rays, offering a level of sun control that is normally only found on commercially installed sun screens.

EMI/RFI Shielding
Due to the use of high quality perforated metal, the same material used in microwave oven doors and other electronic enclosures, Versa Shield™ Window Barriers offer a proven method for shielding Electro-Magnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI). A major benefit of this inherent feature is preventing the passage of unwanted electronic waves and radio waves commonly used by hi-tech eavesdropping systems.

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